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Once you visit with us, you will agree that we offer you more than anyone else.  90% of the people who visit us lease from us.  Here’s why: Our low down payment is a firm number.  No extra money required.  No re-trading. $500 down means exactly $500 down. We stick by our No Credit Check […]

How To Qualify

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It is simple to qualify:

  1. Prove where you live (lease, mortgage statement, bills, mail).
  2. Prove where you work (check stubs, bank statements, DBA).
  3. Have a valid Texas drivers license (NO OTHER STATE BUT TEXAS).
  4. Be able to insure the vehicle before you drive off.
  5. Be at least 21 years of age.

Why Norton?

Family collecting new car

In Houston, Texas, a vehicle is important, and we at Norton Automotive Group understand that. We work with people who cannot get approved at traditional dealerships. We don’t rely on credit scores, past credit problems, or any other traditional qualifiers to “approve” our customers. We have a simple 5 question process that allows you to pre-qualify yourself for one of our vehicles in less than a minute.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a credit check?
NO, we don’t rely on your credit to approve your application, but we report your future payments to the credit bureau.

Are we going to have to put down a massive amount of money to get approved?
Not at all, we have some vehicles that we can get customers into with as little as $500 total down.

How long will the approval process take?
Assuming that you bring in all the requested paperwork, we normally have you in and out with a vehicle in no more than 2 hours.


Handed the Keys To a Car

At Norton Automotive Group, our main focus is helping our customers. We love hearing from our customers and have asked some of them to share their experiences with you:

Gloria (Houston, TX)

I got my 2007 Pontiac from Norton Automotive Group in 2007. Last week, they helped me get a 2010 Toyota Camry. I never knew making my payments on time would help so much. Thank you Norton – I couldn’t have done it without you.

Our Mission

Quick and Easy - That's How We "ROLL"

Use our Credit Optimizer to get your challenged credit back on track. Bad Credit, No Credit, NO PROBLEM!

We have a great selection of Cars, Trucks, and SUV's. Come in today and drive off in a vehicle today. Let Credit Problems be a thing of the past and start rebuilding with our credit optimizer. Don't waste all day at a dealership when you could drive home in hours. We are our own bank. If you meet our simple 5 point qualifications, you are approved. You can get pre-approved just by looking at the qualifications on this site and being able to say "yes" to all of them.

This is the kind of car buying experience you will want to share with everyone you know.

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