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Are Gas Prices Affecting Your Summer Travel Plans??

As the price of gas continue to rise and the heat of summer begins to set in, I am interested in how many families are going to be effected with their summer travel plans because of gas prices.  Most of us look forward to taking some sort of summer vacations, whether it be driving down […]

How to choose a competent mechanic

I read this on, I know that it’s really difficult when you car breaks down and how to get it fixed is a super challenging situation.  Maybe reading this article will help with your decision when the time comes and something goes wrong with your vehicle, don’t worry; it will be at them most […]

Credit Health

One of the first things you need to know before going out and buying a car is:  Are you credit worthy of getting a loan?  I can’t stress to you the importance of knowing where you are in your credit life before you start shopping for a vehicle.  The purchase price of the vehicle is […]

Educated Buyers

In today’s tough economic times, people are concerned about how reliable the vehicle they purchase is going to be and how long that investment in a vehicle will last.  With many of us considering a vehicle the second most important purchase you can make behind only a home, I can understand why people want to […]