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The New Way People Shop For Cars

Years ago when I got into the car business consumers would come to your dealerships and shop, I mean SHOP, look at several cars, compare features, drive all of them, then once they settled on one or two they would be ready to sit down and “talk numbers”.  My how things have changed today.  The […]

Used Car Prices On The Rise

If you are reading this article you are most likely in the market to buy a vehicle, and if you haven’t been in that market for a while, boy have things changed in the last six months.  Used car prices are at an all time high right now.  Inventory is hard to come by for […]

How To Buy A Car With No Credit

One of the specialties of Norton Automotive Group is to help clients with no credit get into a vehicle.  As most of you know, this is truly a hard task and can be very frustrating for most people.  When buying a car, especial in today’s economy you credit is the first thing 99% of dealers […]