ANOTHER DRIVING EMERGENCY–What if it happens to you????


Last month we talked about driving emergencies that could be encountered and discussed two that came to all of our attention due to Toyota and GM recalls. Today we want to cover one driving emergency that is far more common and generally not associated with any vehicle manufacturers recall – a blown tire!

When a tire actually “blows out” and is not simply low or slowly losing pressure, it can be both frightening and dangerous. Most important, do not stop in the traffic lane as that only increases the risk of an accident. Take a firm grasp of the steering wheel and work your way to a safe stop. The chance of serious damage to the vehicle wheel is a small issue compared to your safety and the safety of those around you. Put on your safety flasher as soon as possible and summon help.

Equally important as dealing with an unexpected blow out is proper tire maintenance to help avoid that blow out. First, be sure all of your tires – even the spare – are properly inflated. Tire manufacturers generally print their recommended pressure levels right on the tire. Underinflated tires may ride a bit softer but they also overheat and thus are more susceptible to blow outs.

Norton Automotive Group is careful to check the tire quality and pressure on every vehicle in its inventory. Come by when you are ready for some new “wheels”.

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