Are Gas Prices Affecting Your Summer Travel Plans??


As the price of gas continue to rise and the heat of summer begins to set in, I am interested in how many families are going to be effected with their summer travel plans because of gas prices.  Most of us look forward to taking some sort of summer vacations, whether it be driving down to Galveston or getting away to Disneyland, but with gas getting close to $4.00 per gallon are these trips affordable anymore?  We all still have our normal bills, house notes, car notes and regular expenses, but at what point will the price of gas change your way of life.  In Houston we are all forced to have a car, getting around town would be impossible without transportation so these rising gas prices are affecting all of us equally.  How many of you have thought about getting out of big SUV’s and getting a more gas efficient vehicles?  Maybe renting a car to go out of town in instead of driving your Suburban would be cheaper if you looked at the entire cost of gas vs the rental price.  The majority of people I talk to are even going as far as not taking vacations this year because of the price of travel which is a direct result of gas prices.  Airline tickets are out of this world expensive mostly because of jet fuel prices.  I just wonder at what point people are really going to be so financially impacted by gas prices that it will affect their travel habits?  Feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions about ways to help people save on gas or vacation ideas that don’t require so much driving this year.

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