If you follow our BLOGs you will notice that we did not post one at the end of last month. Obviously, we were busy minding our business and that of our friends and neighbors during the storm and floods.

Now that school has started, summer is over, vacation spending may be loading up your credit cards, and expenses are adding up. Whatever needs you may have for some extra cash, perhaps this is a good time to consider a “side hustle”. Extra money is not the only reason for some type of side business or part-time enterprise and nearly twice as many folks are doing so than there were just 10 years ago.

Even if you are satisfied with your full time job, there are some good reasons to consider your own side hustle:
• Emotional gratification from doing something that pleases you beyond your existing job – and getting paid for it,
• Obviously, the extra money and the increased financial stability it provides are important incentives,
• Part time work or a your own side business provides the opportunity to test-out something you like to do and find out if it is an alternative career choice, and
• Another advantage is that you can scale your part-time activities around scheduling or cash needs such as holidays, vacation periods, etc.

Consider things that you do already for free that you could get paid for. Examine what you do well that has value to others and look at pricing those goods or services. Identify what you can do in your spare time that can become an income source. You may find your own “Side Hustle”.

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