Auto Insurance Cost Traps


Last month we outlined some ways to save on your auto insurance and some things you should avoid to keep from having your insurance premiums increased. Consumer Reports recently reported on the various ways in which auto insurance companies rate their customers for premium charges. There were a lot of surprises and most of the surprises were not very complimentary to the insurance companies.

The most troubling aspect of insurance rating was that a person’s credit score was a more important part of insurance premium pricing than their driving habits or driving experiences. This is especially important to Norton customers as many of our customers do not enjoy high credit scores. In fact, as you know, Norton Automotive does not consider a person’s credit score when we accept them as a customer and Norton’s pricing is posted on our web site for everyone so there is no “rating” in Norton’s pricing. Norton’s approach is simply one of trust between Norton and their customers so everyone is priced the same – regardless of their “credit score”. Unfortunately this is not the case with insurance companies.

The Consumer Reports article also debunked most of the popular ads that we see for auto insurance and outlined the actual savings – if any – that the insurance companies provide to new customers. The article also outlined the various ways that premiums are established and ways to buy that insurance more economically.

Remember, Norton customers can use their experience with Norton Automotive Group to rehab their credit and strengthen their credit score. If you are not a Norton Customer and need wheels, come see us to be treated fairly.

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