Auto Insurance


As a basic requirement to get a vehicle with us full coverage insurance is required to be in place and kept on your vehicle.  After doing some reading today I was amazed at the amount of uninsured motorist driving around today.

Although most states require drivers to have insurance, that hasn’t stopped a large swath of Americans from doing without it. Industry analysts say that about one in seven drivers don’t have coverage in response to the struggling economy, USA Today reports.

The number of drivers lacking coverage does not come cheap, either. Statistics have shown that uninsured motorists cost insured drivers $10.8 billion in 2007. The state with the largest percentage of offenders was Mississippi, where a whopping 28 percent of people behind the wheel are uninsured, despite the fact laws mandate it.

We have a very strict insurance program in place at Norton, we check each and every customer monthly for their insurance status, and failure to keep and provide full coverage insurance is means for termination of your contract with us.  If you are having trouble with your insurance call the office, we have people that can and will help you get this matter take care of, remember your insurance is just as important as your payments !!


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