In the aftermath of Harvey, many of our Houston neighbors are in need of home repairs and even some remodeling work. Disasters always bring in scammers and frauds and everyone is exposed. Older homeowners seem especially vulnerable to these crooks and their schemes to relieve us of our money. Here are some warning signs to raise your “scam antenna” – – if they:
• Show up at your door unsolicited,
• Want you to pay for the whole job before it is finished,
• Don’t have an established physical address or even an online presence,
• Ask YOU to get the necessary building permit(s),
• Offer prices that are really “too good to be true” or unique discounts for referrals,
• Want you to sign papers BEFORE you read them or to sign blank pages, or
• Pressure you to act immediately because;
o You will lose some discount they offer,
o The house is not safe, or
o Their good price depends on quick use of “left-over” materials.

There are also unscrupulous people selling or promoting home-improvement loans that should be avoided. Make sure you are dealing with established, reputable financial people and don’t sign anything that you do not fully understand and accept. High interest home equity loans can be both useful and dangerous so be sure you know what you sign. AND, be sure the work is done to your satisfaction before you “sign off” on it.

Remember, if your credit score or credit status is challenging, NORTON AUTOMOTIVE GROUP can provide you with wheels that meet your needs with a deal you can live with. There is never a credit check, every car only needs $500 down and we will help to rebuild your credit while you drive a vehicle of your choice.

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