Back In School


By now school is in back in session everywhere so we all need to exercise extra caution when driving – because the kids have too many things going on to pay attention to us.
• Pay special attention to School Zone speed limits. Even bicycle riders have been fined for speeding in a School Zone.
• Don’t text or even use your cell phone in a School Zone; it is distracting and simply unsafe. The few minutes away from our phones is well worth the added driving safety.
• Remember, kids think they are indestructible and they are easily distracted so THEY JUST DO NOT PAY ATTENTION to signs or even basic safety measures. It’s up to us to exercise that extra measure of safety – especially on the road.
• Any time of day around the edges of the school hours means there are likely to be children around. Be extra cautious near schools, playgrounds, parks and any area that normally attracts youngsters.

Finally, we all need to teach (and perhaps even preach) about safety to the children in our lives. The better we are able to instill good safety habits in our children the better their chances are in a dangerous world.

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