School has started for most of us in the Houston area and with it comes the common – and usually dreaded – “morning rush”.  Everyone with kids has faced, is facing, or will face the issue and there are a few ways to approach some potential solutions.  Perhaps not total solutions but ways to make things a bit easier at your house.


First, be a little flexible when you work on your own ways to solve the issues.  Regardless of what may work for a friend or relative in their house, there are few “one size fits all” solutions to cure problems with our kids being ready on time every morning.  Try to identify any pattern or specific reasons why those delays seem to persist in your child’s morning routine.  For example:

  • Not enough sleep,
  • Real unhappiness with their school,
  • Unrealistic expectations for performance that he or she is just not mature enough to provide, or
  • Simply the need for help to accomplish what is needed to meet the morning deadlines.

Just listening carefully and paying attention to detail can be a big help in identifying specific problems.


Next, see if there are some reward mechanisms that will be effective in motivating your student to be more efficient and punctual in the mornings.  Remember, rewards should be balanced with both the child’s age and their own sense of incentive as well as balance with the desired achievement.


Finally, the more you can have prepared the night before, the less stress there will be for everyone in the morning.  Often a simple review of the next day’s needs can be a big help with solving the morning rush.  (E.g. books to take, clothing selection, breakfast items available, etc.).


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