Camry Earns Praise From Consumer Reports


It is already one of the most popular cars in the United States, but the Toyota Camry recently got a sterling review from Consumer Reports. The publication named the 2012 hybrid version of the car the best family sedan, according to USA Today.

The achievement may surprise some people since the latest version of the Camry was met with some criticism due to its lackluster appearance. However, the car has a number of other features that eventually won over the reviewers. In particular, it’s fuel economy, interior and responsive handling all set it above other models. Even the standard, non-hybrid model impressed the magazine.

“In fact, the four-cylinder model’s 27 mpg overall ties with the Hyundai Sonata for the best fuel economy among conventional gasoline-powered family sedans,” Consumer Reports said, according to Bloomberg.

The endorsement should not come as a surprise given the Carmy’s history. The classic sedan has been the best selling car in the United States 13 out of the last 14 years and it is often touted among the safest cars on the road. This year, for instance, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named it as one of the safest cars for 2012 along with its Japanese counterpart, the Honda Accord.

While Consumer Reports targeted the 2012 Camry, given its sales record if you get behind the wheel of a used model you will not be disappointed either. Whether you’re looking for a used Camry or other similar sedan, Norton Automotive Group has you covered. In addition to offering a wide variety of makes and models at affordable prices, we do all our own financing, so we never need a credit check and do deals other dealers can’t.


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