Since the advent of digital cameras, most of us shoot lots of pictures then sort them out to save the ones we like the best. With summer and vacation times nearly over, many of us will soon be doing just that kind of photo sorting.

Those action shots and candid, surprised ones are frequently the best of the lot but often we want a photograph that is really great and that we think looks truly professional. So what does it take to make some really outstanding photos? Besides practice and taking lots of photos to compare, some experts suggest that we take special care to train ourselves – beginning with ways to determine what a really great photo looks like. Some steps can be:
1. Look at published photographs in magazines, advertisements and such as examples of outstanding shots.
2. Study art and paintings of the subjects you like to photograph and even study some art and/or art history to determine what makes those images “great”.
3. Look carefully at the photographs of others; even join a club to get wider exposure and more looks at the work of others.
4. Finally, critique your photos as if they were made by someone else. You might even have them reviewed by another photographer that you respect for their opinion.
Reading photography books and magazines can also help but usually this is technical help and what you want is the “artistic” and style knowledge that will help you make some really stunning pictures.

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