Consider Shopping For A Bank Account


Our last BLOG reviewed Wal-Mart’s new GoBank Checking account and today we will look at some of the issues that will help evaluate that option with other banking considerations.
• Checking account fees of $9 per month are waived if you direct deposit at least $500 each month. However, free checking is not unusual as most banks will do so if your deposits meet their minimum requirements.
• Credit Card annual fee is zero but the interest on their MasterCard is a variable 23% and other Credit Cards may provide similar credit limits on better terms. Look at other options at sites like and
• Prepaid Cards at Wal-Mart were rated highly by Consumer Reports as they are reloadable through direct deposits, have clear terms, and convenience. It is called Bluebird and is issued by American Express.

These are the primary issues related to Wal-Mart’s new GoBank Checking account that you may want to compare with other banking offers. And remember, you can’t really compare the deals you get at Norton Automotive Group – no credit check, low down payments and monthly payments that fit your budget. Norton is simply built on trust since 2006. If a new ride is in your plans for Spring, come see us.

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