Credit Optimizer

Loan Application ApprovedThe Credit Optimizer is a tool Norton Automotive Group uses with each and every customer to help establish or, in most cases, reestablish a customer’s credit. We have successfully helped hundreds of people in and around the Houston area since 2006 with our Credit Optimizer program. The steps and process are simple and a part of the overall vehicle buying experience at Norton Automotive Group. We don’t charge anything extra for this service and, in our minds, it’s probably the most important thing we do for our customers at Norton.

Once your credit is deemed “bad”, it’s VERY difficult to get it back to good or even ok. In our many years in the auto industry, we know how difficult it can be to get your dream vehicle when you have bad credit. By working with Norton and utilizing the credit optimizer, your next car buying experience should be 100% better than your last. Being able to walk into a dealership and point to the car you want and take it home is the long term goal of the Credit Optimizer.

No other finance company around can offer a program like Norton’s Credit Optimizer. Come to us with the worst credit and allow us to work with you over an 18-24 month period to get your credit score back on track and get your purchasing power back again.