Credit Repair and Buying A Car


When its time to buy a car, the most important thing you can do is figure out where you stand in the credit world.  Some people have perfect credit and are able to go to a dealership and qualify for all the rebates and super incentives, others don’t have such good credit and can’t get approved for a traditional auto loan.  The difficult part of car shopping is not having the credit you need, going into a dealership, falling in love with a vehicle and not being able to qualify for the one you want.  At that moment, you have to realize that to get a vehicle you are going to have to settle for what the dealership or bank wants you to have.  I often run into clients that have been to multiple dealerships that all promise them the sun, moon and stars, and they only leave with a broken heart and in a bad mood.  This is no way to treat your potential customers.  Make sure you know where you stand on the credit side before you run into a dealership and fall in love with something you can’t have.  Try and limit the times you pull your credit to help keep you credit score up.  If you know going into a dealership that your credit score is 720, then you don’t need every finance guy in town pulling your credit and taking your credit score down.  Simply explain you either have arranged financing or that you know your credit score is 720 and you will qualify to buy any vehicle you chose.  This will cut down on wasting time and help you get the car you want in the quickest way possible.

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