Unlike most dealerships, Norton Automotive Group does not use credit scores to determine a customer’s eligibility or monthly charges to obtain a vehicle. However, ones credit score and credit report are still important issues for many aspects of our society well beyond credit purchases – for example insurance premiums and hiring decisions. Therefore, accurate credit reports as well as knowing and improving your credit score is worth the effort. (Remember, Norton reports all of its customers’ positive credit experience to aid in the improvement of their personal credit scores. Many Norton customers have used Norton’s referrals to improve their credit sufficiently to acquire other vehicles on favorable terms.)

Keep in mind that credit scores and credit reports are different. Your report is essentially a historical picture of your credit while your score is a mathematical rating of your credit status. Unfortunately, the three major credit reporting organizations each collect differing types of information and have different ways of calculating credit scores. Thus it is important to get your credit report from each of the three. Free reports are available from and when you get those credit reports, be sure to check them carefully and correct anything that is wrong.

AND . . . don’t fall into any of the traps and scams that are around for obtaining free credit scores or for “improving” your credit score. Our next blog will discuss this aspect of personal credit scores, how to avoid some of the traps and scams and how to get your credit score for free.

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