Recent research found that mental distractions while driving take up to 27 seconds for the drivers to fully restore their mental focus after ending a call or even texting from a voice-controlled system in their cars.  Mental distractions occur when a driver tries to do “something else” while driving.  These distractions can slow reaction times and actually cause some inattention blindness causing the driver to miss objects in the road including stop signs, debris, and even pedestrians and other cars.  Now that school has started everywhere we certainly do not want to risk reducing our driving attention especially since we all pass through a school zone somewhere, sometime.


That 27 second delay means that at only 25 miles per hour your car goes more than three football fields before you are back to full driving attention.  Thus, even what one might think is a safe break to text or call while at a stop light, stop sign or a quick stop in traffic; that mental attention delay can be dangerous to the driver, their passengers and those around them.


This study concentrated on various vehicles that had voice-activated texting so one would think that device would help maintain driving attention in spite of doing “something else” while behind the wheel.  Unfortunately, simply diverting the driver’s attention causes the potentially dangerous mental distraction delay.  Stay alert and stay safe!


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