In fact, being sure of your tires is a good idea whether on vacation or just on your way to work, taking the kids to school or headed to the store for groceries.  Maintaining your tires not only improves your safety and that of your family on the road but it also improves your cars performance.


Long before you are subjected to a blowout or a flat, here are five things to look for to determine if your vehicle needs “new shoes”:

  1. Low pressure – Underinflated tires may ride a little smoother but they wear out a lot faster and heat up a lot faster too. Check the pressure regularly and keep them at the manufacturer’s recommended level to get the most for your money – and ride safer.
  2. Sidewall bulges or cuts – These cannot be repaired and represent a blowout waiting to happen. Replace the tire immediately.
  3. Uneven wear – Watch out for tread wear that is more on one side of the tire than the other.
  4. Excessive vibration – This can be caused by the suspension, wheel or tire damage and can be a real safety issue. Often a little service can cure the problem and avoid further damage and costs.
  5. Worn tread – When there is about 1/8” of tread left, it is time to consider tire replacement. One easy way to check is to put a Quarter into the tread with George Washington’s head down and if you can see his hairline, start shopping for new tires.


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