February is usually the coldest month of the year in Houston and although we may not have seen any snow this winter cold winter temperatures have caused not only general discomfort and inconvenience but, unfortunately all too often, home fires. Faulty furnaces and space heaters are frequently the cause of house fires and we have all heard of these and should be aware of ways to prevent them – especially in the cold winter months. However, insurance companies have studied fire claims data and found a number of other common causes of house fires and some things you can do to help prevent such disasters in your own home.

One of the top causes of fire in homes is faulty wires, cords and electrical outlets – things we have come to take for granted and think very little about. Avoid covering electrical cords with carpet or throw rugs or anything that can rub and wear on the cord itself. Regularly check cords, especially extension cords, for any signs of fraying or exposure of the wires themselves. Frayed cords can easily spark a blaze. And, when using extension cords, be sure they can carry the amperage that is necessary for the appliance or electrical device that you plug into the extension cord. Also, remember the difference between power strips which enable you to connect multiple devices into one electrical power source and surge protectors which do that and protect against power surges that can cause problems without the buffering ability of the surge protector. Thus surge protectors are especially valuable to connect televisions, computers and other such electronics.

Stay warm and safe the rest of this winter and when you want a new, warm set of wheels come see us at Norton Automotive Group for a deal you can live with from people you can trust.

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