Happy New Year!!!


Everyone at Norton Automotive Group wishes you and yours a very Happy New Year!!!

Those of you that took advantage of our Christmas Cash offer and made a successful referral to Norton will be getting your $100 in “cold hard cash” soon. Congratulations and remember that referrals to Norton can make a friend AND can make you some money.

Speaking of money; starting the new year is a good time to start a new budget. Although it is never easy, the new year provides an excellent opportunity to balance your finances and begin valuable steps in controlling expenses, better meeting financial obligations and improving your credit status. Your experience with Norton will help with improving your credit status because Norton will report your positive credit history to at least one of the three credit reporting agencies.

When making a budget remember to follow some simple rules and, most important, maintain the discipline to make your budget really work for you and not just be a continuing burden.
1. Identify those expenses that are absolutely essential and critical to maintain your household, such as shelter costs, food and transportation. These are the expenses that must be paid first.
2. Separate additional costs that may add to your comfort and convenience but are not essential and allocate available funds to these things AFTER you have made sure to cover the critical items from category one.
3. Add the costs to pay for things you may “want” but do not necessarily “need” – and be honest with yourself in separating “wants” accurately from “needs”.
4. Finally, be sure to include something for a bit of entertainment, leisure and/or simply a luxury or two. Remember “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

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