Whether you are helping your kids with their homework or they need to study alone; making their study environment productive is a big help. Here are some suggestions to improve the value of their study space:
• Don’t isolate them too far from the family. Make a comfortable space reasonably near the center of family activity with sufficient room for their work to spread out and privacy to concentrate. It’s also best if their study area is separate from their sleeping area.
• It’s best if study areas can be unique for each student. Even if the area is shared by more than one student, a separate desk or work space should be set aside for each individual student.
• Provide good lighting and space for some supplies – even if supplies are simply stored separately in a shoe-box or such.
• Finally, don’t let homework or study times become an excuse for hibernation. Stay in touch with your student so they remain committed to getting their work done and still feel they are part of the family activities thorough their study period.

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