Why Norton?

Family with a Broken Down CarHere’s an important message from our President that truly explains why we are different!

At Norton Automotive Group, we understand that everyone has a credit problem every now and then. Good people make mistakes and suffer from low credit scores. Some need a helping hand in getting an automobile. Norton has created the Credit Optimizer program that allows people with credit flaws, or just no credit at all, to start new with a vehicle and the ability to rebuild their credit.

In Houston, Texas, a vehicle is important, and we at Norton Automotive Group understand that. We work with people who cannot get approved at traditional dealerships. We don’t rely on credit scores, past credit problems, or any other traditional qualifiers to approve our customers. We have a simple 5 question process that allows you to pre-qualify yourself for one of our vehicles in less than a minute.
Mother and Son in a Car
If you’ve had enough of dealerships wasting your time, and been told “no” to the car you need, you’re in the right place. Norton Automotive Group is here for you. We make sure you have the transportation you need and can depend on no matter what your credit situation. Norton Automotive Group has an answer to your transportation needs.