How To Buy A Car With No Credit


One of the specialties of Norton Automotive Group is to help clients with no credit get into a vehicle.  As most of you know, this is truly a hard task and can be very frustrating for most people.  When buying a car, especial in today’s economy you credit is the first thing 99% of dealers want to talk to you and look at, the ability for most people to get a vehicle with no credit in very limited.  Several years ago, Norton came up with our “Credit Optimizer” that is designed to help people with no credit or bad credit get a car when they need it while working on re-establishing their credit while making their payments.  The option most dealers will give you when you have on credit or bad credit is to overcome the problem with money down.  That is something that is really hard to do for the average consumer.  We find that with $1000- $1500 down Norton’s program can get you into reliable transportation with no credit or bad credit and allow you to have the transportation that we all need to get to work and back and forth to kids events and other responsibilities.  If you have no credit, buying a car can be a very difficult task without big money down, if you like most of us, big money down isn’t something you have or want to use on a vehicle.  When you find yourself in these type situations or maybe have friends that are having problems getting a vehicle, make sure you refer them to Norton Automotive Group and allow the “Credit Optimizer” to work for you or them and get the vehicle you need today with no worries or hassels

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