How to choose a competent mechanic


I read this on, I know that it’s really difficult when you car breaks down and how to get it fixed is a super challenging situation.  Maybe reading this article will help with your decision when the time comes and something goes wrong with your vehicle, don’t worry; it will be at them most incontinent time when it breaks down, that’s just the way it works.  There is nothing worse then a mechanic that guesses at what’s wrong with your car, especially when you need it to get back and forth to work and get your kids back and forth to school and other events.  I think in Houston, having a car is almost as important as having a house to live in, our mass transportation isn’t the best and most of us have to commute to work every day.  Having a broken down vehicle can be one of the worst experiences of your life as well as one of the most costly.  Mechanic’s are on almost every corner, but if they can’t get your car fixed and only fix one problem to cause another, that’s not the guy you want working on your car.  I hope this article give you a little insight as to what to look for in a mechanic.


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  1. Pancho Cham says:

    If I were to choose a mechanic for my car, I would make sure that he actually knew what he was doing. This way I could see that he was honest and knew how to repair cars. When it comes to something like your car, you should have the best working on it. Thanks for the great advice and tips!