No, we don’t mean that it can go on forever but we do mean that the bad guys might steal the identity of someone in your family that is under age.  Yes, Identity theft can strike minor children even though they may not have any assets or income to protect.  In such cases the impact of a minor’s identity theft can last for years and can cause the child serious problems well after they become adults and do have assets and income to protect – not to mention reputation, job prospects, credit and even possible criminal issues.  Thus is can be just as important to safeguard the identity of your children as well as you and your adult household.

Some steps that you can take for some added protection for your children are:

  • Talk about identity theft with your children and warn them not to share personal data, especially on social media that is available to “the entire world”.
  • Teach them about telephone and internet scams and cons.
  • Determine what personal information is recorded at their school, who has access to it and be sure that only necessary data is shared and that it really is “necessary”.
  • Learn about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which gives parents the right to inspect and review their child’s records and to approve the disclosure of personal information. The web site gov can provide more information on FERPA.
  • Don’t use your child’s Social Security number for identification unless you are convinced that it is the only number that can serve that specific purpose. There are lots of other identification numbers that can usually be substituted to a personal ID number that stays with your child for life.

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