Least Expensive Vehicles to Maintain??? Toyota !!!


Toyota offers least expensive repairsAs the country still tries to pull its way out of the recession, many drivers have taken to getting their car repaired rather than purchasing a new ride. While the practice may save drivers money, there are certain cars that will save them more than others, and a recent report from CarMD pointed out exactly which models offer the most affordable repairs, according to CBS MoneyWatch.

At the top of the list was Toyota. The study, which was conducted by surveying 3,000 mechanics in the United States, took a number of different things into consideration including frequency of repairs as well as how expensive the repairs actually are. The 2009 Toyota Corrolla proved to be the best in both categories with an average cost of just $45.84.

In second place behind Toyota was Hyundai, which has enjoyed a significant sales boom in the United States over the last year. The good placing bodes well for the company’s 10-year 100,000-mile warranty, and the 2011 Hyundai Sonata was the sixth-best model, according to the website.

As for American-made brands, Ford placed fourth behind Honda thanks to a strong performance from its crossover SUV, the Edge, and was followed by General Motors. Chrysler was behind by a little bit, coming in at 10th place.

The report may be helpful to consumers who want to keep their cars on the road as long as possible. Rebecca Lindland, the director of strategic review at IHS Automotive, recently spoke with Bloomberg Radio on the topic and revealed that the average car on the road is 10.7 years old.

At Norton we try and buy as many quality cars as we can to keep in our inventory and from time to time we get good deals on Toyota’s and try and get as many as we can.  Everyone has their own opinion about the best vehicle to drive, but from what I read Toyota is the best bang for your buck !!

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