Last month we talked about gasoline usage and efficiency and the most common – and probably the most useful – measure of gasoline efficiency is the mileage we get. As we plan some vacation miles and as we go about our routine travel, here are some tips on improving the number of miles we get for every gallon of gas we have to purchase.
• GO LIGHT – – If you don’t have to carry “whatever” in your trunk. . . . take it out. Unnecessary, excess pounds put additional demands on the engine and simply use more gas. The extra weight also puts more stress on brakes, suspension and even the exhaust system.
• AIR UP – – Be sure your tires are at the recommended pressure. Underinflated tires not only wear faster but also heat more and reduce mileage.
• STAY COOL – – But don’t overdo the air conditioner. Auto AC systems generally reduce mileage by 1 to 4 MPG so if a little fresh air will work, cut off the AC and save gas.
• ETHANOL DOESN’T HELP – – In fact, the higher the Ethanol level in the gas, the worse is the vehicle mileage. In 2007 Congress mandated Ethanol in our gasoline and since then most gasoline contains up to 10% of this alcohol product which is distilled from corn. 10% Ethanol reduces gas mileage by 3 to 4 MPG but not all gasoline contains fully 10%. Therefore, you may get better mileage from some gasoline brands if they contain less than 10% Ethanol. Just pay attention to your mileage and you may improve your gas cost per mile.

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