Money Saving Tips for Winter Driving


Not only does the winter present motorists with a number of challenges while driving their car, it may also make it more expensive to do so. With added complications like waiting for the vehicle to warm up and expensive winter tires, the costs can start to add up. However, according to The Record, there are some tips that can help you save money as the temperature starts to drop.

Among the most common practices of motorists during the winter is letting their car warm up in the cold weather. Though it may make your ride a bit more comfortable at first, letting it idle for as much as 10 minutes can be a big waste. Experts say that your car really needs no more than one minute of warm-up time.

Along with knowing how long you should run your car, you may also want to consider what is in it. While it may not seem like a big deal, cleaning out your trunk can save you a lot of money on gas. In fact, the newspaper reports that every 99 pounds of extra weight can increase fuel consumption by about 2 percent.

Furthermore, you should follow certain steps when it comes to climate control. Of course, you’ll want to, and have to, use the defroster every now and then but make sure you don’t let it run longer than necessary or you could end up using more fuel than you might think.

Although we don’t get that much cold weather in Houston, you never know when a blast of cold air will blow in and make the city a mess to drive in and around.  Stay warm and Happy Holidays !!!

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