Our last Blog outlined some healthy facts and figures and we thought a few more would help us all as we plan for the new year.

Keep in mind that in addition to just watching our weight, the ratio of waist to height is an important measure of general health. A waist-to-height ratio greater than 1:2 increases your risk of developing metabolic syndrome which is a cluster of factors including high blood pressure and cholesterol – both of which increase your chance of heart disease and stroke.

And, of course what we eat has a significant impact on our health:
• A British study found that increasing your daily servings of fruits and vegetables from the normal five per day to seven or more can reduce your risk of early death by 42%.
• To help maintain lower blood pressure levels one should not take in more than 1,500 milligrams of sodium each day. Remember, more than 3/4ths of the salt we get is generally in the processed foods that we consume so read the labels carefully and substitute fresh, whole foods as much as you can.

Finally, even the miles that we commute can have an impact on our health. A study shows that commuting over 20 miles per day can increase blood pressure, worry and chronic stress. So who needed this study to show that??? And, the study certainly could not have considered living in Houston or very many places in urban Texas.

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