Earlier this month we warned about house fires and noted that the most common cause is faulty furnaces and space heaters. Space heaters should have modern safety features and never use them near furniture, curtains or anything that can catch fire. Another source of heating our houses that also provides a great deal of pure “creature comfort” is a fireplace. However, dirty chimneys are another serious fire hazard. Regular inspections of your chimney can obviously avoid problems but what you burn is where the problems start. Always burn wood that is seasoned and dry. Don’t burn green or damp wood and avoid burning cardboard, wrapping paper, trash and other combustibles that can cause chemicals to build up in your chimney and cause a chimney fire.

Beware of kitchen and laundry fire hazards as well. Never leave things cooking on the stove unattended and keep areas near the stove clean – especially clean of grease, oil or other combustibles that can start a blaze. Be sure to clean the dryer vent regularly and clean out the lint filter after every load. Check behind the dryer as well because lint can accumulate there and cause problems.

Finally, keep a UL Listed fire extinguisher handy and make sure everyone in the house knows how to use it. But, if a fire does occur, practice safety first and if in doubt, get out and leave the fire fighting to the pros.

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