These days family (and non-family) vacations taken together with a wide range and mix of ages are much more common. Too often his also means a wide range of personalities, interests, and potential conflicts and tensions. Here are a few tips to help deal with those issues and make that “mixed group” vacation more successful:
1. Choose a vacation trip or destination that has something to please everyone in the group. Often larger sites, cities or such will provide a wider range of options to make that easier.
2. Include plans for something within the vacation that piques the interest of everyone in your group. This may take some extra planning and research but if every traveler has something to look forward to, every traveler will feel they are part of the trip.
3. If younger children are part of the mix be sure the grandparents do something just for – and with – them. Not only will it be special for the youngsters but it will give parents a chance to enjoy some time together – “alone”.
4. Be sure to plan for some truly alone time for everyone nearly every day. It doesn’t have to be much but everyone will appreciate time to themselves while on vacation.
5. Finally, discuss and determine how everything will be paid before you have to make decisions on the fly and end up spending valuable vacation time doing accounting work.

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