You may have missed all the celebrations and commemorative parties last month (we sure did) but March was actually “National Frozen Food Month”.   Nonetheless, we can look at some ways to take advantage of this time-honored and extremely valuable food technology.  It was 1924 – nearly a Century ago – that a fur trader named Clarence Birdseye discovered that fish tasted just as good as fresh if it was frozen right after it was caught.  And even today, that quick freezing method is what is still used for all of the frozen foods we enjoy.


Frozen foods can be just as healthy and tasty as fresh because they are frozen immediately after being picked or harvested and thus retain their original flavor, vitamins, and other nutrients.   And since they spend most of their life in the freezer, they are not exposed to contaminants that would spoil them or their food value.  Here are some tips on ways to get the most from freezing foods yourself:

  • Freeze fruits and vegetables when they are at their peak of freshness.
  • Blanch vegetables first, then submerge them in ice water (to stop any cooking effect from the hot water of blanching) then dry them thoroughly before freezing.
  • Store your foods for freezing in heavyweight, airtight containers or freezer bags and remove as much air as you can from those containers before freezing.
  • Frozen fruits are best up to a year after freezing and vegetables are generally best up to 18 months. However, since frozen foods cannot spoil, only texture and taste are likely to suffer if kept longer than that.


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