Kids are back in school and long summer vacations are behind us but some nearby Texas options can offer enjoyable – and educational – short vacations.

The BRYAN MUSEUM recently opened (Friday thru Monday) in the former Galveston Orphans Home. Over half a century the Bryans collected about 70,000 pieces of Texas and American Southwest history from the pre-Columbian period through the Mexican Revolution. It is now thought to be the world’s largest such collection and includes a large quantity of Stephen F. Austin’s personal papers and items from both the Mexican Revolution and the fight for Texas Independence. Call 409/632-7685 for more information.

A bit farther away, but still reasonably nearby for a week-end trip is ROCKPORT BEACH along the Gulf coast. There you can visit not only seaside shopping, local art exhibits, and some unique eateries but three interesting – and again, educational – sites for the whole family.
• The FULTON MANSION is the 1877 home of the Fulton family, who made their fortune shipping beef, tallow and hides and is expected to reopen in October. More at
• The TEXAS MARITIME MUSEUM chronicles Texas maritime history from exploration and settlement to modern times. More at
• The AQUARIUM AT ROCKPORT HARBOR has live exhibits that showcase local aquatic species and conservation efforts. More at

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