As the New Year begins consider all of the information, photos, documents, videos and even more that you have stored on your computer.  Simple, often common problems like a virus, hardware malfunctions, a power surge or even a serious storm could wipe out your irreplaceable digital materials.  Saving your digital files as the New Year starts is a good investment.  And, making a New Year’s resolution to back up your data routinely all year is a worthy plan.


There are at least three common ways to accomplish backups to secure your digital data:

  1. An external hard drive is small and easy to use. It will use an available USB port and either one that needs plug-in power or a portable device will do.  The capacity can be varied for your particular needs.
  2. A USB flash drive or “Thumb Drive” can be purchased in various sizes and will also use an available USB port on your computer. These are obviously very portable and not very expensive.  A similar alternative is an SD or microSD memory card.
  3. A somewhat newer technology that is gaining popularity is cloud storage backup. Various online services will provide file storage for a fee that is password protected and sent through a website or app to a remote storage device.


Whatever device or service that you select, remote and/or separate backup and storage of valuable, usually irreplaceable digital materials is worth the small cost and effort required.


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