We love to see our kids enjoying sports activities.  It’s not only good for them physically; it also helps develop character and spirit.  As parents we need to help guide our children as they develop and that includes our help in their selection and participation in sports activities.


Most importantly, be sure that you are following the interests and passions of your child in their selection of sports activities – not your unfulfilled athletic dreams or your expectations for athletic accomplishments.  All too often, parent-driven sports activities cause undue pressure and emotional stress on the kids and robs them of the enjoyment that should be a natural result of sports activities.  As parents and leaders we need to emphasize the importance of building skills, performing well, playing fair, supporting the team efforts and getting real enjoyment out of the athletic experience – not just “winning” or making their parent(s) look good.


Some ways that parents can better reinforce their own role and support the benefits that their child will get

from participating in sports are:

  • Research the available sports activities to find which are best suited to your child,
  • Participate and support those activities that your student is involved in,
  • Promote and support learning and developing strong skills in the chosen athletic activity, and
  • Reinforce your child’s motivation and enthusiasm for the sport(s) activities they have selected.


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