Being in the nations “top ten” is not always something to brag about. Unfortunately, Houston is number 7 in the country’s most dangerous cities for pedestrians.

Statistics show that a pedestrian dies in a traffic accident every two hours and between 2003 and 2012, there were 47,025 pedestrians killed and another 676,000 injured. Older folks are more vulnerable since they are not as agile and do not tolerate injuries as well. Those over 65 make up 13% of our population but account for 21% of pedestrian deaths.

A number of factors seem to contribute to pedestrian traffic deaths but the primary causes seem to be distracted drivers and people crossing roads where they shouldn’t. Further, our city and suburban growth has been focused on moving “traffic” – meaning vehicles – without much regard to traffic on foot. Thus conditions often work against pedestrians and, unfortunately, pedestrians don’t always have the right of way.

Okay, I knew you would ask so here are the most dangerous cities for pedestrians in the United States:
1. Orlando, Florida 6. Birmingham, Alabama
2. Tampa, Florida 7. Houston, Texas
3. Jacksonville, Florida 8. Atlanta, Georgia
4. Miami, Florida 9. Phoenix, Arizona
5. Memphis, Tennessee 10. Charlotte, South Carolina

Let’s be more aware of pedestrians as we drive and try to get Houston off the list completely. Caution your friends and driving relatives and avoid distractions that increase all our risks of traffic accidents.

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