Being sick on vacation is certainly not something any of us wants and some reasonable planning can help in avoiding that bit of bad luck.  No matter where your vacation plans will take you, these simple steps can ease travel concerns.

  1. Check your health insurance coverage to be sure what you may face if there is an emergency or even a simple office visit while you are away. You may even want to consider an extra travel coverage policy or such if your regular policy is not adequate.
  2. Have ready access to your pertinent health data and records, especially current medications and ongoing treatments. This can either be hard copies or a thumb drive for use when you are away.
  3. Identify the potential sites for receiving medical attention while you are at your vacation site and try to assess the likely quality or level of care that will be available if you need it. This may be especially important when leaving the U.S. or on many cruise ships.
  4. Keep your medications with you, especially if you will be separated from your luggage during the trip (e.g. flying or train travel).
  5. Simple hand washing is quite effective in outsmarting germs, wherever you are and certainly when exposed to large groups of people. Be sure to use soap and wash for at least 20 seconds – and do so as often as you can.
  6. Drink lots of water. Dehydration can not only cause fatigue but lots of water will help everything work better.  (This is even good advice when you are at home!)  And stick with bottled water to avoid unnecessary exposure to local germs.  Remember, local ice is usually made from local water.
  7. Finally, don’t overdo it. Overeating and drinking can cause problems no matter where you are and the temptations on vacation can be dangerously enticing.


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