According to a recent AAA study: American drivers wasted over 2.1 billion Dollars in 2015 by spending the extra money for premium gasoline when their vehicles only required regular fuel.  The AAA tests determined that there is no benefit to using premium gasoline in a vehicle that only requires regular fuel.  They confirmed that premium gasoline is specifically formulated for specific types of engines and most vehicles simply do not obtain any advantage from the higher octane rating of premium fuel.


During the AAA study they tested a variety of vehicles with different types of engines and compared their performance when both premium and regular gasoline was used and in various driving conditions.  The vehicles were tested for horsepower, fuel economy and tailpipe emissions.  Their investigators found “no significant increases in any tested category”.  So although many drivers feel that premium gasoline is better for their vehicle and/or its performance, apparently it just does not matter.  If your vehicle does not require premium gasoline, it is a waste of money to use it.


The AAA study determined that 70 percent of U.S. drivers have vehicles that simply require regular gasoline, 16 percent have vehicles that require premium fuel and the balance of 14 percent either require mid-grade gasoline or use some type of alternate energy (including Natural Gas, Propane and Electric cars).  In 2015, 16.5 million drives wasted their money on premium gasoline at least once and on average those drivers did it at least once a month – thus $2.1 billion of wasted money


So to avoid wasting money, check your vehicle owner’s manual for its fuel recommendation AND come to NORTON AUTOMOTIVE GROUP where you can secure a deal for wheels that will not waste your money or your time.

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