Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter !!!


Fall is in full swing, and as temperatures continue to cool down, drivers should start thinking about preparing their rides for the icy cold months ahead. There are a few things every car owner should do to prepare for the changing of seasons, in order to help keep a vehicle running smoothly all year long. This ranges from getting a tuneup to changing the oil and waxing the exterior of the car.

Drivers can conduct some maintenance at home, such as waxing the exterior to protect it from the dirt, debris, salt and other deicing products used on the roads in the winter. They can also inspect the various hoses and tubes for signs of damage or leaks. Parking the car on a level, clean surface overnight and then checking underneath can alert drivers if any fluids are leaking from their cars. It is also a good idea to inspect the car battery connections. If there are signs of corrosion, cleaning this off can help reduce the risk of a dead battery.

It is also important for drivers to have their vehicles inspected by trained professionals, it can also help with changing the oil, which should be done every few thousand miles regardless of the season.  As long as the proper steps are taken to ensure a vehicle is running smoothly, drivers can reduce the risk of encountering problems this winter.

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