Recent Recall Issues


Two vehicle safety recalls that have attracted a lot of attention are Toyota in 2009 and GM just this year. The Toyota recall was sparked by apparent sudden and unintentional acceleration and the GM recall for just the opposite issue, a sudden engine stall. In our next two BLOGs we will provide some safety tips in case you experience either of these issues.

Today we will look at Sudden Acceleration
A car suddenly and unexpectedly accelerating can be caused by a number of circumstances from an actual mechanical failure to simply a sticky gas petal or even ill fitting floor mats. Regardless of the cause, if it happens to you it is a situation that must be handled properly.

Studies have indicated that simply applying your brakes may not be enough to stop a car that is stuck at highway speeds. Apply the brakes firmly, don’t pump them, and don’t turn off the engine because without any engine power there is no power steering and even your brakes may be affected. Put the transmission into neutral and even though the engine will continue to race and roar, you will not be accelerating or powering the drive train. Also, most modern vehicles have mechanisms that will limit engine revving so don’t worry about the racing engine just steer to a safe stop – then turn off the engine while the transmission is still in neutral. Once safely stopped you can put the car into park and/or set the emergency brake.

Every vehicle in the Norton Automotive Group inventory has been mechanically inspected before it is leased to our customers. None of Norton’s currently available vehicles have been part of either the Toyota or GM recalls that we are discussing here.

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