Save Food and Save Money


During the Holiday Seasons we all become more food conscious both as providers and as consumers of meals and entertainment. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says that the average American family throws away more than $300 worth of food per year. We all know that generally the purchase of food in larger quantities or on sale and buying seasonal foods in larger quantities can save a family some real money on their total food bill. But if much of those larger quantities go to waste, the potential budget savings are lost.

According to Carole Cancler, author of THE HOME PRESERVING BIBLE, the use of a vacuum food sealer can extend the shelf life of foods by three to five times. That can mean some real savings. Vacuum food sealer units run from around $120 to $150 with a year’s supply of the bags and accessories to make them useful such as a jar sealer for really fragile items such as chips and crackers. That means that saving only half of what is normally wasted can pay for the equipment and supplies in less than six months. Careful attention to storage guidelines (regular, refrigerated or frozen) can add substantially to not only cost savings but also add variety to food preparation all year long.

Enjoy the Holliday Seasons ahead, the food and company of friends and family and best wishes from your friends at the Norton Automotive Group.

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