Save Money On Something We All Need—FOOD!!!


As Thanksgiving approaches – and later Christmas – meal planning, food buying and preparation seem to be on everyone’s mind. Unfortunately, those extra purchases and special food items can put a big dent in our budgets during this time of the year. One proven way to save money on food purchases (and often non-food items as well) is the use of coupons. Careful use of coupons, especially when used for items that are on sale, can save a couple up to $30 a week which translates to saving hundreds of dollars every few months and even more for a larger family. Think of coupons as essentially free money.

A consistent source of coupons for local use at our stores is in newspapers and newspaper inserts. In fact, over 90% of coupons are still distributed in the Sunday editions of local newspapers. If you find coupons in a Sunday paper that are especially useful to you, consider buying another newspaper to get additional coupons just like the ones you plan to use. Often local dollar stores and gas stations even discount Sunday newspapers. In addition to local newspapers, coupons are available from direct mail promotions and even through the internet. Most discount or “big box” stores such as Target and Wal-Mart web sites have links to their coupon availability and there are a number of internet sites that will provide access to a wide range of printable coupons such as , , , , , and as well as others. Good luck as you “clip-and-save!!

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