Whenever it is time to renew your insurance there are a couple of things to remember that may help lower the cost of that insurance. Too often our car insurance seems to cost nearly as much as our vehicle and any time we can lower those costs, it is worth the effort.

First, shop around. Often insurance companies use a tactic called “price optimization” in which they charge as much as they think the customer is willing to pay – not rates based upon the customer’s actual experience. Shopping for insurance options can break that kind of rate-increase cycle.

Second, one can nearly always save a good deal of money when you combine insurances such as home, contents, auto, etc. into one policy or at least under one insurance company. Even if you just include renter’s coverage on your contents and personal property you can save money by combining coverage with your auto insurance.

Finally, don’t do things that increase your insurance premiums such as moving violations, and even worse, a DUI conviction (which can double your rate). Speeding from 16 to 30 mph over the limit can cost you a rate increase of 28 percent and reckless driving can increase your insurance costs by 83 percent. So not only is careful, safe driving good for your health, it also saves money.

Remember, insurance coverage is one of only a few things you need to get a vehicle at Norton Automotive Group and good credit is not one of them. Norton doesn’t let your credit status get in the way of providing you with wheels and a deal that you can be happy with

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