Although most consider the Alamo as the site for Texans (and Texicans) to start the fight for independence from Mexico, the first shots fired were actually in Gonzales – and they included shots from a famous cannon. The cannon was originally provided by the Mexican government to assist settlers in defending themselves from local Indian tribes. But, when settlers begin agitating for independence, Mexican troops tried to retrieve the cannon from Gonzales and the local folks shot back to retain possession of the cannon. They even waved the now-famous flag printed “come and take it”.

Gonzales celebrates this historic event for three days, October 6-8, with a parade, rides, games, cook-offs, art shows, music and lots of festivities. Call 830 / 672-6532 for more information. If you go, be sure to visit the GONZALES MEMORIAL MUSEUM where the actual “Come and Take It” cannon is located.

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