Smart Buyers !!!


In today’s tough economic times people are concerned about how reliable the vehicle they purchase is going to be and how long that investment in a vehicle will last.  With many of us considering a vehicle the second most important purchase you can make behind only a home, I can understand why people want to get the most bang out of their buck.  When it comes to buying cars, its difficult to tell what a “good car” is with out a little history on the vehicles.  Most big dealerships will offer a CarFax report, but how good is that and what dose it really mean to you.  If you don’t understand it, its just another piece of paper that goes in the glove box with all the stuff you get a the time of purchase.  I think that most people really need to do a little research before going out into the used car market.  Places like are often a great place to start.  Then you can head out into the market place with a little education about what you are looking at and things to avoid when making this next huge purchase.  Use the internet, its your friend, and there are may websites that can assist you in the education of what a “good car” really is.

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