After the flooding we have been subjected to in the Houston area this year we may all have developed our own disaster preparations but a little reminder and some ideas that may be new to some of us might be helpful  – especially as we enter our usual Gulf Coast area hurricane season.  Here are some things that can help in case we face more disaster issues:

  1. Put important papers (insurance & financial records, etc.) plus ID cards or copies, irreplaceable photos and such into a sealable, fireproof container. Adding a little cash in small bills can also be useful.
  2. Put together your own disaster plan guide and make copies for all of your family members and friends. Include places to go if you are forced to separate or leave home, people to call or contact with phone numbers and perhaps their addresses.  Add a list of emergency numbers such as local fire and police, poison control and such and keep the plan where you can grab it quickly if necessary.
  3. Pack a disaster carry kit into a sturdy but manageable back-pack or wheeled suitcase and have it available for quick access. Some hints on what to pack are at gov/kit
  4. Know where to turn off utilities to your home such as gas, electricity, water, etc. so that you can manage those better than just being subject to something breaking during a disaster.
  5. Store some nonperishable food such as canned goods, peanut butter and energy bars plus water where it is available in case you are stuck at home. Most experts suggest a three-day supply of food and about one gallon of water per person per day.  Be sure to include a can opener in the kit.


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