If you are adding a teen driver to your family that extra insurance cost is a significant concern – in addition to your concerns as a parent of a teen driver.  Check with your insurance carrier to be sure that you meet the Texas rules about exactly when the teen insurance coverage is required – during “training”, with a permit or when they get their own license.


Generally having your teen added to your policy is the most beneficial arrangement.  But, even with the discounts and benefits of your teen driver as an added policy or added driver, the extra cost can be daunting.  Look into any possible premium reductions that may be available such as good student discounts for GPA performance or benefits from driver safety course completion.   Also consider modifications to your regular policy such as a higher deductable at least until your teen has some driving experience at which time you can lower your deductable to reduce the potential out-of-pocket cost of a claim.


Finally, a separate car for your teen may be more convenient but when the teen is the primary driver, insurance costs are usually a lot higher than simply having a teen driver covered by your own basic policy.  The inconvenience in scheduling driving access to the family car will usually be worth the insurance cost savings.


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