Still Vacation Season


Whether on vacation or just routine travel, some added attention to preparation and driving can help avoid problems and make your trip – long or short – safer and more enjoyable.
• Luggage for a long trip or just a few things from the store should be fairly secure and evenly distributed. Be sure the driver has a clear line of sight to all the mirrors as well as the front windshield.
• Every year hundreds of thousands of people are injured and many even killed because the driver was distracted. Not only can cell phones be dangerous distractions – the latest driver distraction – but the radio, GPS systems, electronic devices and even our own passengers and children can be distractions. The driver must maintain control of the vehicle and everything in that vehicle and any potential distractions should be absolutely avoided.
• When driving to an unfamiliar destination, whether on a long trip or just to a new location in the area, it really helps to have a clear understanding of your planned route. Review a map or a planned routing before you leave and don’t let a GPS device become more of a distraction than a useful tool.
• On the road be sure to keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. The National Traffic Safety Council recommends a minimum three-second interval for following and you might need even more time to react safely if the driver in front of you brakes suddenly.

Tips for trip planning and driving are seldom new to us but reminders never hurt and we don’t want you “hurt” either. Stay safe and enjoy the summer.

And, if you need a newer, larger or just a different vehicle for the rest of your summer plans and beyond; come see us at Norton Automotive Group to satisfy your needs. Remember, Norton does NOT let your credit status get in the way of providing you with wheels and a deal that you can be happy with.

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