According to a recent AAA study; during the 100 days of summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day an average of ten (10) people die every day from a crash involving a teen driver.  The study also confirmed that nearly sixty percent (60%) of those teen crashes involve distractions behind the wheel.  The statistics that stood out were that:

  • 15% of the accidents involved the teen driver talking to or interacting with other people in the vehicle,
  • 12% involved the driver talking, texting or some use of a cell phone, and
  • 10% involved being caught up or occupied with something inside the vehicle itself.


We need to talk to our teen drivers about the importance of focusing their attention on driving when they are behind the wheel and the dangers of being distracted by anything.  Further, we all need to lead by example and avoid distractions when we are driving ourselves.  Finally, doing some “ride-alongs” to monitor their driving habits can go a long way in helping our teen drivers develop their skills and avoiding the growth of bad driving habits.


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